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Receiving messages with Text Blast couldn't have been easier. We have 2 simple methods for you to receive messages from your customers. A free inbox, which is for Economy senders, or with a long number/shortcode, which is for premium senders. Click here to find out more about the Premium & Economy sending options.

Economy Number

Text Blast allows you to have up to 3 economy reply inboxes. This means that when using the Economy sending option, your customer is able to reply back to you. All replies can be seen in the Text Blast portal.

Long Number

Purchase a long number or use a keyword on a long number for free. A long number will allow you to receive replies to the Text Blast portal, but is only available for the Premium sending option. A long number is just like a mobile number in the form 447XXXXXXXXX.

Short Code

Another option would be to use a Short Code. This is a 5 digit number which also will allow you to receive replies to the Text Blast portal and is also only available for the Premium sending option. Just like with a long number, you can also get a Keyword on a Short Code, or get your very own dedicated Short Code.

Receive replies

Text Blast has made it easier than ever to receive replies. All you need is a Text Blast inbox, which can be setup within the portal, and you're ready to receive!

Automatic Opt-outs

With Text Blast you can set your very own opt-out keyword. This means when customers reply with the opt-out keyword, they are automatically removed from your marketing list.

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