Online SMS.

Send SMS online to one or thousands of recipients in just a few simple steps. Text Blast opens-up SMS marketing for your business - whatever the size.

Send Text Messages Online

Text Blast has two awesome ways for you to send Text Messages to your customers!

Premium Text Messaging

Premium SMS is one awesome way for you to engage and send text messages to your customers. This route allows your business to send branded text messages, with your very own custom "SENDER" tag. The benefit of using the Premium route, is that your messages are sent within seconds. There is no delay and a 100% guarantee that your customers will receive the text message you are sending.

Economy Text Messaging

Economy SMS is another way for you to engage and send text messages to your customers. This is mainly for businesses who don't want to send branded text messages; businesses that just want to get a message out there to their customers, with no "SENDER" tag. Messages sent via this route can tend to take a bit longer, depending on volume of messages in our queue.

Shorten & Track URLS

When trying to save on the character count, a long URL can be very frustrating. Text Blast makes this a whole lot easier, with a custom built URL shortener, integrated within our SMS portal. What's more is that our URL shortener can even track exactly which customer has clicked your URL, giving you a greater insight to your customers!

Customise Text Messages (coming soon)

Personalise each text message sent to each individual customer. Just use a tag, such as "//FIRSTNAME//", or create your own tags when importing your number database to the Text Blast portal

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